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EPHC10-EC series solar controller is a reliable and economical solar controller. Ideal for Off-Grid solar lighting system that needs light and timer control.



  • Intelligent System Optimum Control
  • 12/24V Auto work
  • High efficient Series PWM charging with temperature compensation
  • Use MOSFET as electronic switch, without any mechanical switch
  • Detects day and night using the PV array
  • Load and battery status indicators
  • Electronic protection: over charging, over discharging, overload and short circuit



Electrical Parameters

System voltage: 12/24V DC Auto work

Rated battery current: 10A

Rated load current: 10A

Charge circuit voltage drop: 0.26V

Discharge circuit voltage drop: 0.15V

Self consumption: 6mA


Battery Voltage Parameters (Tempco -5MV/oC/2V, 25oC REF)

Equalize charging voltage: 14.6V; X2/24V  

Boost charging voltage: 14.4V; X2/24V

Float charging voltage: 13.6V; X2/24V

Low voltage reconnect charging voltage: 12.6V; X2/24V  

Under voltage warning voltage: 12V; X2/24V

Low voltage disconnect voltage: 11.1V; X2/24V  

Equalize duration: 60 mins

Boost duration: 60 mins


Environmental Parameters

Working temperature: -35OC to 55OC

Humidity: 10% - 90% N.C

Enclosure: IP30

Terminal: 2.5mm2

Dimension: 140x89x27mm

Net weight: 0.23kg

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