ICASolar SNV-GFW1024 1kW/24V

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Penggunaan inverter Off-Grid untuk mengubah arus DC dari panel surya menjadi arus AC, inverter ini terangkai dalam sistem Off-Grid dengan menggunakan battery untuk penyimpanan energi listrik.


Feature Highlights:

  • High reliability: adopt high-speed DSP control system, combine advanced SPWM technology and high-speed power MOS
  • Operating mode selectable: energy storage priority or power supply priority
  • No PID attenuation damage for solar panels to ensure their service life
  • Flexible battery management system: auto switch three-stage charging mode shortens recharge time; wide charging current is selectable according to configured battery; flexible DOD (Depth of discharge) is settable to meet more applications
  • AC input with effective online synchronous stabilizing technology
  • Broad MPPT input voltage range
  • No-load auto shutdown function (optional)
  • Settable frequency (50Hz/60Hz)
  • Mobile APP monitoring
  • Auto Power-On/Off function; real-time monitoring, test and intelligent startup/shutdown by RS232 or USB interface communicating with PC; remote monitoring by optional SNMP networks




Max. input voltage (Voc): 100Vdc

Optimum operating voltage (Vmp): 33~80Vdc

Max. charging current: 50A

Recommended PV configuration: 1400W


AC input range (bypass mode): 0~132Vac/0~264Vac (high-end limit)

Rated input voltage: 100 Vac/110Vac/115Vac/120Vac or 200Vac/220Vac/230Vac/240Vac±25% (2500W is only for 110Vac; 3000W is only for 220Vac)

Rated input frequency: 50Hz/60Hz±5%/10%/15% (settable)

Max, charging current: 20A


Output voltage: 100Vac/110Vac/115Vac/120Vac±2% or 200Vac/220Vac/230Vac/240Vac±2% (settable) (2500W is only for 110Vac; 3000W is only for 220Vac)

Rated output power: 100W

Power factor: 1

Rated output frequency: 50Hz/60Hz±1% (inverter mode)

Waveform: Sinusoidal

Max. efficiency (resistive load): ≥82%

Sleep mode: Settable (<3% load) access in ≤2min

Output voltage harmonic: ≤3% (linear load)


Battery voltage: 24Vdc

Battery type: VRLA battery (default)

Charging current: 5~50A (settable)

DOD: Settable: 21~26.4Vdc; Default: 24Vdc

EOD: Settable: 19.2~24Vdc; Default: 21Vdc (default)

Equalizing charge voltage: Settable: 27.6~30Vdc; Default: 28.2Vdc

Floating charge voltage: Settable: 26.4~27.6Vdc; Default: 27.2Vdc

Restoration point of overvoltage: 31Vdc


Transfer time: 3~6ms (typical); ≤10ms (max.)

Overload (linear load): 110% for 2 min, 125% for 1 min, 150% for 10s, 180% for 1s

ECO mode (optional): Load <3% settable, Yes/No settable

No-load shutdown (optional): Load <3%~50%, Yes/No settable

Load adaptation: Inductive load: ≤30%; capacitive load: ≤50%; resistive load: ≤100%

Protection: Output overload-short-circuit-overdischarge-overcharge-battery reverse polarity-PV reverse polarity

Lightning protection: Class III

Communication: RS232/USB/RS485; SNMP/Wi-Fi/GPRS (optional)

Standards: IEC62040, IEC/EN 61000

IP rating: IP21

Display: LCD & LED

Operating temperature: 00~400C

Relative humidity: ≤93%

Noise: <50dB

Dimensions (W*L*D) in mm: 365.5 x 442 x 210

Package dimensions (W*L*D) in mm: 455 x 520 x 283

Net weight: 19.5kg

Gross weight: 21kg


*Specifications subject to change without prior notice

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